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DentaVac DentaVac
Out Of Bounds Boutique Hotel

Pick up from International airport by an Out of Bounds representitive.


Stay at Boutique Hotel Out OF Bounds- Conviently located 25 meters to Dentavac

Choice of room, Breakfast included- Special dental menu we offer

Day tours from Out Of Bounds- Pick up and drop off from our Hotel



Dentavac is a dental clinic devoted to providing our patients with the best dentistry available today. Our staff is integrated by a group of highly trained dentists graduated from well known universities in the U.S. and Latin America.  We fulfill all dental care needs from simple bridge work to the most amazing mouth transformations, all done with the most modern technology available today.

Our specialized clinic includes general and cosmetic dentists as well as specialists in orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, endodontics, periodontics, and implant dentistry all in one place. Make your dental vacations in Costa Rica.The appointments are scheduled around each customer’s itinerary for a nice and relaxing recovery.

Our main concern is your comfort. Dentavac is the serious company you are looking for and our services offer clients experience and professionalism yet at low prices. Contact our office today for a Costa Rica dentistry appointment and get the smile you always wanted.

Replace one or more missing teeth from your mouth with bridges, and get back the confidence to smile widely with a new set of teeth. Bridge work and implants are done at our lab. Get temporary and permanent bridges or bridge work repaired. We make removable or fixed bridges and along with the creation of the bridges we give you pointers on bridge care. Bridge costs and prices vary depending on the quantity of teeth that need to be replaced.

* The cost depends on the number of units included in the bridge and the quality chosen by the customer.
Get crowns fitted in Costa Rica and placed in your mouth, replacing damaged or lost teeth. Crown procedures can use the natural tooth as a post or insert a post if the tooth is too damaged. Get porcelain crowns, gold or porcelain over metal crowns. Dentist’s assistance helps you choose the right crown type. Few appointments will provide temporary crowns, and permanent crowns with a resulting beautiful smile. Crown costs vary depending on the teeth that need to be replaced.

* The cost varies in proportion to the quality chosen by the customer.
Fix cavities at DentaVac. Get filling procedures overseas at reasonable prices. Filling type materials used include silver amalgam (also known as mercury dental filling), gold dental fillings and composite fillings. Ask about getting temporary or permanent fillings in cavities. Cost varies depending on size of filling and type of filling material.

* Costs vary according to the quality selected by the client.
Implants replace damaged or deteriorated teeth. Dentavac can offer cosmetic implants at an affordable cost. Read about implant solutions we offer regarding cosmetic, dentures, permanent and temporary implants. Receive implants with quality procedures, surgeons and technicians at reasonable prices. Ask about the dental implant prices.

* Dental implant cost depends on the type of dental implant, cost does not include the crown or the fixture on top of the implants.
Surgery procedures in Costa Rica with DentaVac oral health clinic at a reasonable price. Get periodontic surgery, implants, and root canal procedures with experienced surgeons trained in the top techniques of oral restoration technology.

* Cost differs in accordance with the type of surgery being carried out.
Get custom dentures made and fitted in San Jose Costa Rica. Dentures and mouth pieces you can rely on are made by specialists at a reasonable price. Get partial dentures and full implanted dentures to improve your oral health and jaw line. We offer different types of dentures including soft, partial, implants, fixed and more, depending on your needs. Dentists at DentaVac will study your case and make comfortable and long lasting dentures.

* Dentures cost changes in relation to the type of dentures.
Porcelain Veneers
Porcelain veneer procedures are meant to cover damaged or stained teeth. Dentavac will make veneer inlays at their lab so you can quickly have the treatment you need. Cosmetic and health benefits await with your new cosmetic dentistry veneers at affordable costs. You can get your tooth inlays, crown veneers and porcelain veneers made and placed in San Jose Costa Rica. Porcelain laminates gives a polished, natural appearing result that effectively masks stains.

* Porcelain veneers cost fluctuates accordingly with the quality and is set per unit.
Root Canal
Root canal procedures and nerve treatments in Costa Rica. Root canal treatment is needed mostly when the nerve of a tooth is infected and antibiotics are no longer a solution, the nerve needs to be extracted. Dentavac offers root canal surgery and other treatments at a reasonable price. This treatment usually takes two to four appointments depending on that tooth that it is taken place, and most of the times no pain is involved, only in those cases that the infection has gotten out of hand.

* Root canal cost depends on the dental piece.
Tooth Whitening

You and your dentist at Dentavac will decide together if you are good candidate for tooth whitening. The dentist will take impressions of upper and lower teeth. These impressions will be used to fabricate custom fitted whitening gel trays for you to place over the teeth. This procedure will take approximately 45 minutes. Zoom tooth whitening system in Costa Rica is offered at a more reasonable price than in the USA. Whitening procedures will improve your self esteem as you find yourself smiling more after the professional tooth whitening procedure.

* Price depends on the type of whitening being carried out.

Dr. Luis Alberto Baez Astua - D.D.S.

Luis Alberto Baez Astua

Dr. Baez has been a part of our group for 11 years. In 1994 he graduated from the University of Costa Rica as a D.D.S. with a emphasis on cosmetic dentistry. Over the past few years he has completed multiple advanced training courses focused on this field and implantology. Most continuing education courses are in the USA but also in other Latin American countries as well.

Dr. Baez has been a member of the School of D.D.S. since 1994 as well as a member of the Editorial Council of the Entrepreneur Dentist magazine, which is the most widely distributed magazine in the country. He has also completed an advanced training program in Implant dentistry and has become a member of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI). Currently Dr. Baez is dedicated exclusively to private practice and the care of his patients.

Dr. Arturo Acosta Mora - D.D.S.
Arturo Acosta Mora
In 1986 Dr. Acosta graduated as a D.D.S. from the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil and again in 1987 he graduated as a D.D.S. from the University of Costa Rica. In 2002 he completed his Masters in Unibe Hospitality Management. During the 20 years of his career, he has focused mainly on oral rehabilitation and cosmetic dentistry. Annually he participates in conventions by completing ongoing advanced training courses in the USA and other Latin American countries.

Dr. Acosta has been a member of the School of D.D.S. since 1988. He is the founder and head of the Entrepreneur Dentist magazine since 1997. Dr. Acosta was also a member of the Financial Committee of School of Dentist Surgeons (2003-2004), member of the FDI (International Dental Federation) as well as member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD).
Dr. Carlos Meza Barrantes: Periodontist
Carlos Meza Barrantes • University of Illinois at Chicago 
• Member of Costa Rica Academy of Periodontist 
• Professor of periodontics at Universidad Latina de Costa Rica
Dr. Ivan Navarro DDS
Ivan Navarro • Fellowship in Dental Implants
• University of Miami, Jackson Memorial Hospital Comprehensive Implant Dentistry 
• Former Professor of Implantology at Universidad Latinoamericana de Ciencias y Tecnologia de Costa Rica 
• Specialist in Dental Implantology
Dr. Luis Obando
Luis Obando

• Specialist in Implant Dentistry 
• New York University and University of Chile 
• Esthetic Implant Dentistry. Nobel Biocare Training Institute. Yorba Linda, California. 
• Member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, member of the American Academy of Osseointegration and member of the International Congress of Oral Implantologist. 
• Recognized as a specialist in Oral Implantology by Costa Rican Board of Dentistry

Dr. Ana Victoria Sotela Truque
Ana Victoria Sotela

• Specialist in Orthodontics 
• Specialist in Pediatric Dentistry 
• University of Rochester, New York 
• Member of staff in Craniofacial abnormalities in Hospital De Niños de Costa Rica

Dr. Gustavo Gutierrez
Gustavo Gutierrez

• Specialist en Peridontics 
• Universidad El Bosque, Colombia 
• Member of the American Academy of Periodontology 
• Member of the International College of Oral Implantology

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